Prashant Kothari

Prashant Kothari

Managing Director at String Real Est Info Services

He is a serial entrepreneur and have started or co-founded four successful companies. His first venture, launched in 1987, was the founding of India’s first modern jewelry manufacturing factory. As one of the very first Indian companies to venture into this space, it grew 10-fold within 5 years.

In the early 1990’s, after receiving an MBA, he entered the financial services industry. Initially holding a position as a mortgage bond trader, he soon moved on to Freddie Mac where I held multiple position, including working in the Office of the President.

It was through these positions that he came to the realization that the real estate industry was highly inefficient and in dire need of transformation. With this mind set, he founded String in 2005 with the singular focus to make the real estate industry more efficient.

Their rapid growth in the initial years was tempered by the 2008 Great Recession, but their unflinching focus on the market, belief in our potential and high-performance work culture allowed them to thrive in an environment that put many entities out of business. String grew to be a market leader in its space and was acquired by SitusAMC, the world’s largest mortgage due diligence and QC firm in 2019.

He was actively involved in industry associations and have presented at all the major real estate conferences; in addition to briefing congressional staffers on real estate topics in Washington DC.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine. In 1998, he created the largest mentoring group in the US for children of South Asian immigrants. He enjoy coaching aspiring entrepreneurs & have taught at several universities and schools. He is an active member of EO, TiE & TCA.