Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra

Founder and CEO, Freedom English Academy

Deepak is the Founder and CEO of the charity: Freedom English Academy (FEA). Deepak’s lifelong mission is to develop effective and scalable solutions for poverty alleviation and help disadvantaged youth bootstrap themselves out of the cycle of poverty.

FEA runs an innovative employability skill-building program that includes building English and non-cognitive skills and benefiting from MOOCs and Mentorship.  More than 25,000 disadvantaged youth attend classes at the 100+ FEA branches. A randomized control trial is currently underway at FEA as the program anecdotally appears to add 50% – 100% to a disadvantaged youth’s income.

Deepak has been a lifelong entrepreneur in the food supplement industry and his business experiences inform the operations of FEA. Academics from Stanford, MIT, etc., use FEA as a research site for studying poverty alleviation methods, given FEA’s reliable data collection practices and culture of using metrics.

Deepak has pledged 100% of his assets to this charity.