Ashwin Vasan

Ashwin Vasan

President & CEO, Fountain House

Ashwin is a primary care physician and public health leader with over 15 years of experience in improving health, social welfare, and opportunity for those in greatest need. He is interested in the intersection of public policy, politics, and programming, as it affects health (physical and mental) and wellbeing, especially of vulnerable and marginalized people and communities. He leverages his experience as a front-line provider to drive organizational design and performance, and to influence public policy and political systems, especially as they connect to upstream drivers of health including social determinants and health equity.

He has designed and led large-scale public health and healthcare projects around the world and most recently, built a new public sector bureau in New York City focused on community-based health and human services for vulnerable populations. He now leads a first-class mental health and social service organization that has inspired over 300 affiliates in 34 countries, and is responsible for building it into a go-to local, national, and global mental health non-profit leader in services, advocacy, policy and politics.

He has also worked extensively in low income settings globally, focusing on health systems strengthening and program implementation and research, with a specific focus on HIV, chronic noncommunicable diseases, and primary care systems. In these efforts, he has worked for a range of governments, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions. He also advises political campaigns on health policy.

He is a professor, lecturer and mentor of graduate students and clinical trainees in public health and internal medicine, focusing on global health and implementation science, and the intersection of health and politics.

Subject Matter Expertise: Public Health, Health Policy, Mental Health, Health Insurance (Medicaid/Medicare/Single Payer, etc.), Universal Health Coverage, Delivery Systems, Primary Care, Global Health, Int’l Development, HIV, Chronic Diseases