Indiaspora is Hiring a Policy Director

Indiaspora is Hiring a Policy Director

November 15, 2017 | Author: Sanjeev Joshipura

Dear Indiaspora Community,

Indiaspora plans to engage in a deeper way in the bilateral / trilateral / quadrilateral / multilateral arena. While maintaining the US and India as two of our core anchor countries, we plan to engage with selected other nations which are:

  • generally friendly to both our core countries,
  • are well known to possess complementary and augmenting strengths in specific fields of activity,
  • have a relatively large and successful Indian diaspora, and
  • are important on the global stage.

Unlike think tanks and other public policy organizations, our plan is to engage with eminent members of the Indian Diaspora in selected countries – across various professions and realms of activity – on a people-to-people basis. Building on the past work that Indiaspora has done on a bilateral US-India basis, we plan to continue engaging in bilateral and x-lateral “Track 2 Diplomacy”.

To be clear, we do not see ourselves replicating or competing with the good work and expertise of the existing think tank, public policy and trade association communities; rather, we plan to be a complementary forum to facilitate people-to-people discussions – sometimes in collaboration and partnership with the aforementioned types of entities – across a wide range of topics and subjects. Our status as a non-partisan, non-profit, 501c3 organization continues unchanged.

To this end, we plan to hire a Policy Director to advance our work in this arena. A very quick, simplified overview of the type of person we are looking for follows:

  • This person should be a public policy and international affairs generalist, rather than a subject matter expert in one specific area.
  • Obviously, we would require this person to be very familiar with the US-India relationship and generally speaking with the goings-on in India.
  • We are looking for someone who is either based in or can move immediately to the Washington, DC area.
  • This person should be a US citizen or permanent resident.

Please see the detailed job description below.

If any of you has any leads in terms of potential candidates, or any other suggestions in this context, please contact me at

Best regards,

Policy Director

– Reports to the Executive Director
– Works closely with the Indiaspora Founder and other staff members

Earliest feasible

To start with, this is a “work full-time from home” position. Indiaspora is seeking to transition to office space in the Washington, DC area in the next few months. The candidate must either be based in or, if hired, be prepared to move immediately to the Washington, DC area.
Occasionally as needed, within and outside the US

Further Indiaspora’s policy work in the US-India and trilateral / quadrilateral / multilateral space by authoring white papers and making presentations
– Work with Indiaspora Founder, staff and organization’s members to determine and achieve Indiaspora’s policy objectives
– Position Indiaspora as a thought-leader in the trilateral / multilateral arena, involving the US, India and selected other countries
– Build relationships with people and organizations in other countries that are necessary for the successful execution of the job’s projects and tasks
– Think strategically about how Indiaspora can create and add value in the international / trilateral / multilateral arena, always retaining the US and India as two focal points
– Work with think tank scholars, corporate, non profit and trade association executives as needed
– Plan and organize relevant Indiaspora events

– Masters degree in international affairs or related field
– Minimum of 4 years of international affairs experience
– Strong policy, geostrategic and political knowledge (historical and current) of the US-India relationship
– Experienced in and keenly understands various policy and political issues/climate in the US and in India
– Wide-ranging knowledge of global affairs and multilateral/international issues; international experience (besides the US and India) preferred
– Outstanding writing and presentation skills
– Familiarity with think tank networks in the US and India (both required), and other countries (preferred)
– Ability to engage in policy matters across a variety of disciplines ranging from economic to geostrategic to sociocultural
– Experience with diaspora related organizations preferred
– Knowledge of other languages in addition to English preferred; working communication ability in Hindi strongly preferred
– Working knowledge of Indian diaspora in various countries around the world preferred

US citizen or permanent resident only