Other Initiatives

Goodwill Ambassador for India and the Indian-American Community

In response to recent hate crimes against Indian-Americans, Indiaspora initiated a petition to the White House to clearly and unequivocally denounce these incidents. In addition, we also hosted a series of screenings across the nation of the documentary, From India With Love by first-time documentary filmmaker Mandar Apte, whose project aims to spread India’s message of nonviolence in the U.S.

Supporting Leaders in Our Community

Indiaspora champions accomplished Indian Americans to who want to serve their country in various capacities.

When Rich Verma was nominated by President Obama to be the first Indian-American Ambassador to India, Indiaspora was one of the first organizations to come out in strong support of his nomination.

President Obama nominated Vivek Murthy for the post of United States Surgeon General in November 2013. Indiaspora worked with the larger community to organize a grassroots campaign for Dr. Murthy’s confirmation. He received tremendous support from Indian Americans across the United States who let their Senators know how important this was to our community. The hard-fought victory has galvanized the community to continue to do more.