Diwali Stamp Campaign

For a while now there has been a concerted effort to get the USPS to introduce a Diwali stamp. There is a good chance of the Obama administration endorsing the project. If all goes according to plan, you will be able to send 2015 Diwali greetings using a USPS Diwali stamp. The effort for a Diwali stamp has been on for over twenty years but keeps getting stalled. This dream can become a reality only if members of the diaspora come together. USPS needs to receive tens of thousands of letters from Indian Americans requesting a Diwali stamp.

Help bring the Diwali stamp to life. Here’s how:

  • Send a Letter – Write an old-fashioned paper letter requesting the Diwali stamp (click here to get the text of a sample letter), place it in an envelope with a stamp, and send it to the USPS.
  • Contact Your Congressperson – Email, call or write your selected representative or senator requesting him or her to pass a symbolic Congressional resolution requesting Diwali be recognized with a stamp.
  • Spread the Word – During your Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s parties over the next few months, hold a letter-writing campaign to build awareness of the campaign.
  • Design a Stamp – Submit your creative impression of what the stamp should look like and Indiaspora will send it to the USPS for consideration.